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The Best Colleges to Study Mechanical Engineering in the United States

Mechanical Engineering is a thrilling industry with many interesting opportunities. Students who pursue a diploma in Mechanical Engineering (ME) find out how to create, assemble and enhance machines and machinery. Examples of the undertakings you may work on include building and running production tools, vehicles, robots, and more!
The U.S. government predicts that positions for mechanical engineers are growing at a rate of 9% which is normal. Roughly 25,000 new jobs for mechanical engineers should be opening in the U.S. in the next ten years. Most positions are available to individuals with a bachelor’s degree.
Mechanical Engineering graduates make about $57,800 in their early career salary and $96,400 in the middle of their career. This 32% more than other college graduates. For the 121 majors we analyzed, ME is ranked 13th in terms of potential earnings.
To get access to the greatest positions with the top pay, look for a school that provides you a quality education for a fair cost. The list below is a good beginning.
Here is a ranking of the top ten greatest Mechanical Engineering schools in the U.S.. College Factual examined 269 ME programs in the nation to rate these based on metrics like graduation rates, student loan default rates, average earnings of graduates, accreditation, and more.
10. Carnegie Mellon University
The first university I will mention in this ranking is the 10th in the U.S. Carnegie Mellon is situated in the big city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With normal beginning salaries of $63,000, Carnegie graduates earn 4% more than their peers.
Carnegie is quite diverse, with more than 77% of the student body non-white.
9. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor is a good option for students seeking an undergrad degree in ME. The university provides a masters in ME as well. Graduates from the degree make early career incomes of $63,000, which is quite good. About 299 students graduated from the program in 2016.
Students from outside the U.S. don't have to be worried about feeling out of place since almost 7% of UMich's students come from countries outside the United States.
8. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Nestled in the quaint city of Troy, New York, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is a good option for potential Mechanical engineering scholars. The department is the most popular in the school, with more than 190 students completing the degree in 2016. The standard beginning earnings for an RPI grad from the ME program is $60,000, about $2,200 higher than other graduates.
RPI is a STEM-focused school, and students may easily take classes in other science, engineering, and technology courses if desired.

7. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, Massachusetts, location of Worcester Polytechnic is the perfect environment for college students who enjoy the energetic urban lifestyle. 203 students graduated from the mechanical engineering program in 2016, making it the most common in the school, and graduates of the program continued to earn typical incomes of $63,000 in the early years of their careers.
70% of the teachers are full time, and a student to faculty ratio of 13 to 1 indicates you will have a good possibility of connecting with your teachers.
6. Kettering University
Kettering University is found in the large city of Flint, Michigan, an awesome location for young people looking for excitement, networking and employment. Graduates from the Kettering Mechanical engineering department earn an average of $60,000 in their early career. It’s no wonder it’s the most common major at the institution!
Kettering's 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio is among the top in the states, and all of the instructors are full time.
5. Stanford University
Start your career off right with an undergrad degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. Situated in a suburb of California, the surroundings are safe and inviting. You can even remain and obtain your grad degree here as well. Stanford is recognized for their engineering programs. 94 individuals graduated with an ME degree in 2016 and then they earned about $68,000 in the start of their careers.
89% of the educators are full time, and the student to faculty ratio is 11:1 which means you will probably get a lot of face-time with professors.
4. California Institute of Technology
California Institute of Technology, found in the urban setting of Pasadena, is a great option for students looking for jobs, internships, and networking options. Grads from the ME program make almost 13% greater than average in the beginning of career, about $63,000 annually.
The four-year graduation rate is 84% and the six year graduation rate is 90%!
3. Stevens Institute of Technology
Stevens is an excellent choice for mechanical engineering students. Graduates earn $59,000 at the start of their careers and the degree is quite popular with approximately 150 students per year. Students benefit from shops and various entertainment nearby the suburban area of Hoboken, New Jersey.
This institution is known for a low crime rate, as it is one of the safest schools in the united states.
2. Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus
Mechanical Engineering a common major at Georgia Tech, with 15% of undergrad students signed up for it. 510 students finished with this major in 2016! Atlanta, Georgia is a large city offering young people a lot of opportunities for night-life and networking.
87% of the professors are full time, greater than the U.S. standard of 49%.
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Almost 15% of the students enrolled at MIT are in the mechanical engineering program, about 190 altogether. Grads of the program make an extremely reasonable $69,000 at the outset of their professions. Cambridge, Massachusetts is an ideal area for learners who like the excitement of the city.
MIT is labeled as a great value for the money because of its affordable cost for the superior results.
How did the rest of the 259 mechanical engineering programs rank? Find out in this full ME ranking.
Carly Stockwell is the content director of College Factual, a website that helps students discover the best college and major for them.

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Staying up-to-date - Websites that provide news related to engineering

        To become a successful engineer, one thing that is mandatory is to keep yourself updated on all latest trends and innovations that arise in your field. Reading latest news on engineering regularly is one way to achieve it. Here is a list of websites that provide you enough information to keep you updated on everything that's going on in engineering field!

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Design softwares and tutorials for engineers

   Mechanical engineering is a very old branch of engineering, and it has seen a lot of improvements.To simplify the work of engineers, and to save time,  the field has been heavily computerised. Nowadays, it is mandatory for a mechanical engineering student to know atleast one or two softwares before joining in a core company.
   In this post, some essential softwares that you must learn, along with sources containing tutorials to learn them for free has been provided.Meanwhile, if you want to learn engineering courses online, see this post.

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Learn mechanical engineering courses online!

    Are you a mechanical engineering student interested in enhancing your knowledge ,apart from what you get from your college?Do you worry for missing the opportunity to study in topmost colleges?. Or do you want to learn mechanical engineering without going to a college? Don't worry! You can get free lectures from top institutes for mechanical engineering in the world(MIT and IITs). What you need is simple :A mind craving for knowledge and an internet connection!

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What is mechanical engineering?

        Before studying mechanical engineering, anyone who wants to study it must know what it is, right? Many people have the false notion that mechanical engineers always have to work in factories. Another popular misconception is that one has to be physically strong in order to be a successful mechanical engineer. This wrong belief also forces women to avoid mechanical engineering, fearing that it involves a lot of physical work. Even though many women have interest in machines and mechanisms, they avoid choosing this subject for such a silly reason.(In one way, it is a good thing for boys since they could study without any distraction!)

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Welcome to my blog!

 Hi friends!
        As a student pursuing mechanical engineering, I have to frequently use internet to find a lot of information to clear various doubts. In that process, I learnt a good lesson. Internet is really a huge pile of garbage and it's really difficult for students and engineers like me to get what they want on Internet. I realized that a good compilation of all things regarding my subject i.e, mechanical engineering is really essential. When I searched the internet for such a compilation, I couldn't find a reliable and good one. Then I got this idea of searching the nook and corner of the entire Internet and filter out everything related to mechanical engineering and compile it in a blog in my free time .
      Thus, the sole aim of this blog 'Great Resources for Mechanical Engineering' is to help all the mechanical engineers and students, and people interested in mechanical engineering in the world to access links that point to various websites.  These websites provide quality content on topics related to mechanical engineering.
      Kindly note that this blog is very young and has very little content. But, I will update this blog as frequently as possible to make it the largest web directory for mechanical engineers.
     Feel free to send any suggestions of website links that provide content related to mechanical engineering. The only rule is that it should be related to mechanical engineering and it should be accurate!
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